Laugh Track
Fredd Gorham

Fredd is a comic book and games illustrator who, for the past 24 years has worked for a wide variety of companies. His work has appeared in publications from Marvel, DC Comics, Steve Jackson Games, Caliber Press, White Wolf, Hero Games, Silver Gryphon, Viceroy Cards, Breygent and Albino Dragon Games to name a few. He has worked on the licenses for Red Sonja, Vampirella, Witchblade, Cry For Dawn, John Carter, Deadworld and Star Wars. He is also the founder of the Krypton Art Jam, which meets every 3rd Saturday at Krypton Comics in Omaha

Laugh Track is the local podcast host of BroNEcast and will be bringing his staff along with him. He takes on taboo subjects of the fandom and finds laughter in them.

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